2013 D-Max on Sale in Australia

The new D Max pickup truck from Isuzu has arrived with a starting price of USD 27,000. The top end model LS-Terrain costs you $51,700.

Alike its predecessor, the new BT-50 and Ranger Twins, new D-Max is developed along Holden’s new Colorado.

Design and Platform

D-Max shares its mechanical components and ladder-chassis platform with the new 2012 Colorado. The company is getting its new unique face guards, conventional grille design, and upswept headlights.

2013 isuzu d max

When it comes to interior, differences are less palpable, with 2 pickup trucks sharing an identical cabin. Center stack, dash, doors, steering wheel, and mirrors resemble that of the new 2012 Colorado.

D-Max is also offered as single crew cabs, Ute, and Ute in high ride form. There are almost 22 models in all, spanning a single engine, automatic, and manual transmission, 6 trim grades, and 4×2 and 4×4 configurations.

Mechanical Package

New D-Max range is powered by a 3.0L turbo-diesel engine that can deliver 130kW of power at 3600rpm and torque developed is around 380Nm.

2013 isuzu d max

Transmissions include 5-speed manual with modified gear-lever pivot point, and freshly developed 5-speed ‘Rev-Tronic’ auto transmission with sequential sports mode.

2013 D-Max offers a new Terrain Command 4WD, which allows drivers to adjust between 2- and 4-wheel drive modes.


Across the range, the other standard features in the vehicle include air conditioning system with fine-particle pollen filter, Bluetooth, and iPod connectivity.

Depending upon the trims, you can also see a ‘SkySound’ roof-mounted surround system.

2013 d-max

2013 D-Max Front View

2013 d-max

2013 D-Max Outlook

2013 d-max

2013 D-Max Exterior

2013 d-max

2013 d-max 2013 d-max

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